Online VAT Calculator uk

Online VAT Calculator uk

UK VAT Calculator – Calculate VAT Rates for Any Amount

Welcome to our free online VAT calculator for the UK. Simply enter any amount and our tool will calculate the VAT owing based on the correct rates in the UK – 20%, 5% or zero-rated. Accurately calculate VAT in seconds for your business or personal finances.

How to Use Our UK VAT Calculator

Our easy-to-use calculator makes finding the VAT on any amount quick and hassle-free. Just enter the net amount excluding VAT, select the appropriate VAT rate from the dropdown menu, and our tool does the rest.

  • Calculate standard 20% VAT rate – For most goods and services
  • Calculate reduced 5% VAT rate – For children’s items, home energy, etc.
  • Calculate zero-rated purchases – For food, books, children’s clothes, etc.

Get precise VAT amounts calculated instantly. Plus add multiple rows to find the total VAT across different items, purchases or invoices.

Our online VAT calculator is designed to be simple and easy to use:

  1. Enter the net amount (excluding VAT) into the Amount field
  2. Select the appropriate VAT rate from the dropdown – 20%, 5% or 0%
  3. Click the “Calculate VAT” button

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Calculate VAT Exclusive Amounts

Our calculator also lets you work backwards from the total amount including VAT to find the original net amount without tax added.

This is known as a reverse VAT calculation and is useful for:

  • Finding the pre-VAT price of items
  • Removing VAT from invoices/bills to get net amounts
  • Understanding how much VAT you are paying

To do a reverse VAT calculation:

  1. Enter the total amount with VAT included
  2. Select the VAT rate that was applied
  3. Click the “Exclude VAT” button

Our calculator will deduct the VAT portion and display the net amount without VAT.

This reverse VAT function is easy to use and helps you clearly see how much tax is included in prices.

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Understanding UK VAT Rates

Knowing which VAT rate applies is key to accurately calculating the VAT due. Here are the main VAT rates in the UK:

  • Standard 20% VAT – The default rate applied to most goods and services
  • Reduced 5% VAT – For children’s car seats, home energy, etc.
  • Zero-rated (0% VAT) – For food, books, children’s clothes, medicines

Our VAT calculator ensures you apply the right VAT rate every time.

Benefits of Our UK VAT Calculator

  • Fast and accurate VAT calculations
  • Handy VAT reference tool
  • Saves time – no manual number crunching
  • Easy to use – even for VAT beginners
  • Free to use anytime

Stop wasting time on complex VAT maths. Our UK VAT calculator makes finding the exact VAT amounts easy. Perfect for personal finance or business.

By using this VAT calculator, you acknowledge that it is provided as-is without warranty. We recommend double checking any important VAT calculations. Use of this tool is at your own risk and discretion.

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