About Us

Welcome to the VAT Calculator, your number one source for easily calculating Value Added Tax online. We are a dedicated team focused on providing an intuitive VAT computation tool to simplify tax compliance and financial processes.

Our story began when our founder Yash choudhary struggled with the complexities of VAT registration and reporting requirements for his small business. Spreadsheet headaches and calculation fatigue became the norm until we realized there must be a better way. Thus the idea for an automated cloud-based VAT calculator took form.

After months of design and development, the VAT Calculator came to life in 2 Month, 1 Year. What started as a simple minimum viable product evolved into a versatile feature-rich application fulfilling VAT computation needs for all.

Our Mission

Our mission is straightforward – to empower entrepreneurs, small business owners, freelancers, investors and personal finance enthusiasts with an easy way to accurately estimate VAT. Saving you time and effort with your tax obligations is our top priority.

Our Values

At the VAT Calculator, our dedicated international team of tax experts, software engineers, designers and customer support champions share three primary values:

Accuracy – We are obsessively precise down to the last decimal place

Privacy – Your data remains safe, secure and never gets shared

Accessibility – Anyone can use our tool regardless of math or tax expertise

These shape every facet of our work from product development to customer service.

The VAT Calculator Difference

What really sets us apart? Unlike consumer grade calculators or complex enterprise tax software, our tool strikes the optimal balance of flexibility, transparency and intuitive operation. Adaptability stretches from sole proprietors to multinational scenarios.

The VAT Calculator ethos empowers users first rather than restricting them. Clean transparent design makes every calculation clear. Charts and exporting unlock deeper insights. Fanatical customer support means no user gets left behind.

From inception, we set out to build more than just another forgettable online calculator. Our passion project continues evolving as a transformative easy VAT calculation platform for all.

We hope you enjoy using the VAT Calculator as much as we enjoy creating it! Please don’t hesitate to contact us if any suggestions come to mind for improvements. Your feedback keeps us marching steadily towards better serving your VAT compliance needs.