VAT Calculator – UAE

VAT Calculator – UAE

UAE VAT Calculator – Calculate VAT for Any Amount

Welcome to our easy-to-use UAE VAT calculator. Our tool allows you to quickly calculate VAT for any purchase amount, at the standard 5% VAT rate implemented in the UAE.

Simply enter the amount exclusive of VAT, and our calculator will instantly work out the VAT amount and total VAT-inclusive price.

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How to Use the VAT Calculator

Using our UAE VAT calculator is simple:

  1. Enter the amount without VAT
  2. The VAT rate is pre-set at 5% for the UAE
  3. Click “Calculate VAT”

The calculator will display the VAT amount and total amount including 5% VAT.

Understanding VAT in the UAE

  • VAT was introduced in the UAE on 1 January 2018 at a standard rate of 5%.
  • VAT applies to most goods and services, with a few exemptions.
  • 5% VAT is charged on supplies made by VAT-registered businesses in the UAE.
  • Some sectors like healthcare, education and real estate are zero-rated or exempt.

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Our calculator ensures you calculate 5% VAT correctly on taxable purchases in the UAE. The easy way to add VAT to any amount.


  • Saves time – no more manual VAT calculations!
  • Eliminates confusion – automatically calculates 5% VAT
  • Free to use anytime
  • Easy even for VAT beginners

Accurately calculate 5% VAT for any purchase in seconds with our UAE VAT calculator.

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